All White Sets available upon request. Please include that request with size and amount needed in the additional information section of the order form.

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Please note, the photographs are for example only and finished products will vary in color and style.


These are blankets with an embellished hood that are available in three different sizes and in Girl, Boy, and Gender Neutral based fabrics. The shroud is accompanied by a fractured heart made from the same fabric used to create the shroud and is provided as a keepsake for the family.

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Layettes (blanket, gown, hat and keepsake heart)

Layette sets include a coordinating blanket, embellished gown and hat, and matching heart that is provided as a keepsake for the family. Available in White, Gender Neutral, Girl, and Boy fabrics. View size chart below.

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Gender Neutral:

All White Sets:

Size Chart

XX-Small (less than 1 lb or 450g, less than 22 weeks gestation)
X-Small (1-1.5 lb or 450-700g, 22-25 weeks gestation)
Small (2-3 lbs or 900-1300g, 26-29 weeks gestation)
Medium (3-5 lbs or 1300-2300g, 30-34 weeks gestation)
Large (6-8 lbs or 2700-3600g, above 35 weeks gestation)

Miscarriage Hearts

These hearts are a keepsake for families that have experienced early pregnancy loss. They are embroidered on white linen with white, pink, blue, or purple eyelet fabric.

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Hair lock boxes

These are small plastic storage boxes for a treasured lock of hair.
Measure approximately 1 inch x 2 inches.

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Memory pouches

These are cloth pouches with double pockets and an embroidered design that may be used to hold hospital paperwork, as well as a keepsake heart or other treasured items. Measure approximately 9.5 inches x 12.5 inches, available in a variety of colors.

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Angel Layettes Information Brochures

These are small brochures with information about Angel Layettes, including our mission statement and contact information so that families can learn more about our program and the support we provide.

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