Angel Layettes provides comfort, love and dignity in the midst of one of life's greatest tragedies, the loss of a child prior to birth and those who die shortly after birth.

Due to logistics, budgets and other reasons, hospitals are not equipped to meet the needs of families who have experienced a perinatal loss. This void creates additional grief, both for the families effected by the loss, and the caregivers in the hospital who seek to help them.

Angel Layettes provides much needed items that are:

  • Especially suited for the small and fragile bodies
  • Beautifully appropriate to bring honor and dignity to the life of a precious child
  • Personalized to allow the family to chose from the design that they feel is most appropriate
  • Infant burial layettes free of charge

The Angel Layette Set

Angel Layettes provides a layette set that is comprised of a layette (or shroud for the smallest of babies), a matching blanket and a keepsake heart. Caps are provided to the hospitals as well, for use when the families desire one.

Angel Layettes works very closely with hospital staff to design and produce layettes that are specific to the needs of these little ones. Due to the fragile nature of the babies' skin and small bodies, great attention is given to the design, providing ease of dressing for the hospital staff.

Angel Layettes are made from the highest-quality materials, and are hand sewn by loving volunteers to exacting standards.

The process of making a layette set begins with the careful matching of fabrics, trim and laces. Attention is then turned toward the making of the keepsake heart, which will share the same fabric and design as the layette and blanket. The keepsake heart helps to preserve the memory of the child, as well as providing on-going comfort to the grieving family.

All supplies for our layettes, blankets, and keepsakes are furnished by Angel Layettes to our volunteers. This practice ensures that the quality of the layette meets our high standards and allows people the opportunity to volunteer regardless of their financial situation.

It is the desire of Angel Layettes to service as many hospitals as possible. If there is a hospital in your area that currently is not serviced by us, please let them know about what we do. There are no charges for the layette sets, and we provide easy on-line access for re-orders and special needs. Please contact us or call 903-534-5212 for more information.

If you or you group would like to volunteer to help make layettes, click here.

If you would like to financially support the work of Angel Layettes, please visit our Donation page for easy and convenient on-line giving, or information about how to mail or call in your gift.

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