Volunteers are the heartbeat of Angel Layettes!

Bonnie Hale, a valued volunteer, has given years of love to Angel Layettes and continues to come back weekly to help mend broken hearts.  She is a true philanthropist, seeking to donate her time to promote the wellness of others. We asked her to explain the "why" behind her decision to volunteer with our organization; 

"I know what it is like to lose a baby, I lost a couple before I finally had my children. I also work in the NICU, and I have seen what parents go through when they lose a child. It breaks my heart."- Bonnie Hale

Often times, in helping others you can help heal yourself. Our volunteers find purpose and satisfaction knowing that families that are experiencing profound grief will not leave empty handed. 

While Bonnie chooses to sew while at the Angel House, we also have many other needs for volunteers such as; cutting, ironing, gluing and packaging. We are open to volunteers Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9-4 p.m. as well as the second Saturday out of every month. We welcome you to become one of our Angels! Contact us to sign up or to receive more information. 

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